Welcome to Quantum Learning’s Teacher Resources

Many of you have been asking, and it’s finally here! Quantum Learning is proud to announce the availability of our new Teacher Resources. Designed to support the implementation of Quantum Learning in your classroom, this site provides an online inventory of over 300 resources for you and your students. The Teacher Resources is accessible for educators who have attended Quantum Learning for Teachers training. To get started,  register here.

Some key resources include:

  • Downloadable worksheets and handouts
  • Videos demonstrating Quantum Learning methodologies
  • Printable posters for your classroom
  • QL-designed lesson plans for your grade level and subject

Another great feature our Teacher Resources provides is the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas with teachers all over the world who share your passion for Quantum Learning. This is a great way to learn and grow as Quantum Learning teachers.

In the future, we plan to expand this site to provide multiple levels of content and membership. Other levels will include new content developed by Quantum Learning to help you enhance your teaching skills, and will be available on a subscription fee basis and/or on a per-module basis. We will keep you updated as we roll out these new features.

We hope you find this site valuable as you continue on your Quantum Learning journey. Let us know what you think, by sending us an email.


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